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Overhang leads to low market prices

The prices in Switzerland are recommended prices for 2001 based on arrangements between the wood industry and suppliers. The information about the prices in Germany were requested from the European economic information service.

Prices for timber by-products in CHF:

Using saw dust and wood flour to produce SLP opens a big market for raw materials. There is little competition within the buyers market. For the saw mills even a small rise in prices is a good argument to supply their by-products for the production of SLP.

A rough estimate of the timber by-products in Europe would be: The sawmills process approx. 200 million cubic meters of timber. According to the above mentioned rule of thumb, approx. 40% or 80 million cubic meters turn out as by-products, 33% of which (or 27 million cubic meters) are difficult to dispose of saw dust and wood flour.