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Sawmill by-products for the production of SLP

Sawmill by-products are considered the most important raw material for the production of SLP panels. The chart bellow is based on figures from 1996, the most resent complete investigation.

Structure of the sawmill industry:

In the last few years a significant structural change has been in progress and this will continue for some time to come. In Switzerland, for example, the total number of sawmills has shrunk by a quarter, while in a parallel development, the large mills (over 10,000 cubic meters) have expanded their production. Compared with other countries, the industry in Switzerland is still very small. However, in the last few years, the two largest producers have produced significantly more than 100,000 cubic meters. A significant obstacle for the Swiss is shiftwork which, in general, cannot be implemented.

According to the research done so far, sawmills with a throughput of approx. 100,000 cubic meters per year and therefore over 10,000 cubic meters of saw dust would represent suitable locations for SLP production plants.