innovation wood (iwood)
Baarerstrasse 113B
CH-6300 Zug



iwood panel supplements the product array of saw mills and furniture factories

Whereever more than 10’000 m3 wood chips and saw dust result per year, the production of iwood panels can meaningfully and economically supplement the existing product array. Instead of burning the residual substances for generating production energy, iwood panels and -mouldings can be made from these by-products. The waste heat from the iwood panels production can be used as an alternative source for production energy.

iwood offers the producers (sawmills, furniture manufacturers) as licensees:

an economical and environmentally friendly solution to their problem of what to do with the by-products (approximately 12% of the timber bought by a sawmill)

the production know-how, including quality assurance
client-specific developments and new products
ongoing research and development of the processes
marketing of iwood-products at conferences, trade fairs and in the press
contacts with processors
an environmentally friendly image