innovation wood (iwood)
Baarerstrasse 113B
CH-6300 Zug


iwood has something to offer

iwood offers the producers (sawmills, furniture manufacturers) as licensees:

an economical and environmentally friendly solution for the disposal of by-products (approximately 12% of the timber bought by a sawmill)
knowhow to produce SLP, including quality assurance
client-specific developments and new products
ongoing research and development of the processes
marketing of SLP-products at conferences, trade fairs and in the press
contacts with processors
an environmentally friendly image

iwood offers processors (carpenters, joiners, furniture manufacturers):

product information and guaranteed quality
competitive pricing
a panel with new and some improved properties
development of products specific to their needs
an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to chipboard and MDF-panels
a material that weighs half as much as conventional materials (250 – 300 kg/m3)
a novel construction system
an environmentally friendly image

iwood offers end-users (furniture buyers and home owners):

lighter furniture that keeps its shape
a timber material that is free of glue (and therefore free of formaldehyde - an environmental poison)
an environmentally friendly, economical, fast and novel method of construction
products that are biodegradable and water soluble and therefore ecologically sound
an environmentally friendly image