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iwood, an awarded company

Wien, 16 June 2003: iwood receives Schweighofer Foundation Award

innovation wood (iwood) has received one of the three supporting prize of the Schweighofer Foundation for its work on the iwood board. The ceremony was held in the Vienna City Hall. The Foundations goal is it to award proofen and new exciting ways to use wood which give benefit to the europeen wood industry. The prize was given first time and shall be given next in two years.


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Zürich, 25 March 2003: iwood receives the ZKB Pionierpreis TECHNOPARK 2003®

innovation wood (iwood) was awarded the ZKB Pionierpreis TECHNOPARK 2003® during the jubilee ceremony 10 years Technopark Zürich. The award is endowed with 10'000 times the number Pi in Swiss Francs and was given the 13th time, the third time together with the ZKB Zürcher Kantonalbank as co-sponser. The price is awarded once a year to one team.


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Zürich, 13 February 2003: iwood receives Swiss Technology Award 2003

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December 2002: iwood has received the Wall Street Journal Europe Innovation Award 2002

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"Wall Street Journal Europe’s Third Annual European Entrepreneurship Summit"

Baar, 19 june 2002: iwood receives the W.A. de Vigier price for startup entrepreneurs

Solothurn, 19 june 2002: At this years price ceremony of the W.A. de Vigier foundation under the conduction of Crossair founder Moritz Suter, chairman of the foundation, three startup entrepeneurs were awarded for their excellent projects in the fields of Quantum Mechanics, Biotechnology and Electronics. The price sum is CHF 100,000 each


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