innovation wood (iwood)
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28 November 2001

Christoph Affentranger and Otto Hofstetter found the firm innovation wood (iwood) as a public limited company (AG).

Autumn 2001

Christoph Affentranger is under discussion with several possible partners and venture capitalists.

August 2001

A reproducible production process for products with consistent properties has been developed. Should the project be developed further, a company needs to be founded to carry on the idea.

May 2001

The Swiss Fund for Forest and Timber Research, part of the Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape (BUWAL) supports a basic study about SLP at the SH Holz Biel through a contribution of CHF 30.000. Project manager is Dr. Frédéric Pichelin; Christian Stalder carries out the studies.

March 2001

The Swiss College of Timber Management, SH Holz Biel, is interested in a joint project to develop the idea further.

January 2001

Christoph Affentranger files a request for a Swiss patent on the basis of a factual and technology research by the IGE (Institute for Intellectual Property).

December 2000

Discussion with experts of the Swiss Institute for Intellectual Property IGE show that the idea could be patented.

November 2000

First experimental objects produced by Christoph Affentranger prove the feasibility of the idea.

Summer 2000

Christoph Affentranger’s idea emerges to make boards out of saw dust with yeast in the style of baking bread.

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