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Paris, 4th to 5th December 2002: iwood joins the "Wall Street Journal Europe’s Third Annual European Entrepreneurship Summit"

At the 4th and 5th of December 2002 the "Wall Street Journal Europe’s Third Annual European Entrepreneurship Summit" took place in Paris, hotel Concorde La Fayette. As winner of the "Wall Street Journal Europe innovation award 2002" iwood was invited to participate. On top, Christop Affentranger, founder and CEO of iwood, participated at a panel called "Case study: Meet the Innovators".

Zürich, 9 December 2002: "Montagskolloquien Holzwissenschaft"

On the occasion of a series of colloquia on wood science, organised by the chair of wood sience of the ETH Zürich, titeled "The ecological building material wood - Modern materials and products on the basis of wood" Christoph Affentranger, CEO iwood, holded a lecture: "SLP - Starchbound Low-density wood-based Panel". All the lectures holded will be published in may by the chair for wood sience.

Baar, 22 November 2002: iwood awarded among Europe’s leading innovator

iwood receives the Wall Street Journal Europe Innovation Award 2002 as Runner-Up. The company innovation wood (iwood), domiciled in Baar (Switzerland), received the Wall Street Journal Europe Innovation Award 2002 as on of the leading startup company in Europe. Nearly 190 companies from all Europe participated, iwood came off as runner up of the Material / Base Technologies category. The award is assigned yearly by a prominently manned jury and comprises a detailed presentation of the company in Wall Street Journal Europe (this year in the edition of 22 November 2002), as well as an invitation to the Wall Street Journal Europe's Third Annual European Entrepreneurship Summit taking place in Paris on 4 and 5 December this year. On this occasion, Christoph Affentranger will represent iwood in a discussion of leading young enterpreneurs in Europe, which will boost iwood's recognition in Europe and strengthen its position in the search for investors and venture capital.

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Biel 15 November 2002: iwood active role in automatic wood combustion seminar

On 15 November SH Holz holded its third wood combustion seminar in Biel. The seminar featured several short lectures on topics related to generating energy from wood. iwood got the chance to present SLP to over 150 participants of this seminar from all Switzerland.

Baar, 27 October 2002: Homepage of iwood completely up-dated

The homepage of iwood was completely up-dated and is now also available in English and the summary additionally in French.

Kloten 25 September 2002, 19:00 Uhr: iwood at the Erfinder- und Patentinhaberverband der Schweiz EVS Zürich (Swiss union of inventors and patent holders)

The speech "Ökologisch und wirtschaftlich attraktiv: Die SLP-Platte von iwood" (“Environmentally friendly and economical: The SLP board of iwood“) by Christoph Affentranger, CEO iwood, met the interest of a big audience at the Hotel Allegra in Kloten.

Biel 20/21 September 2002: iwood as partner at the SH Holz Biel

The competence centre for the wood industry celebrated: The Swiss College of Timber Management, SH Holz Biel, turns 50. On this occasion the school and the research centre opened their doors to the public on 20 and 21 September. Over 600 visitors took the chance to talk with students and members of the staff and to learn about the various activities at the SH Holz Biel. iwood was the only company to join this event.

Baar 23 August 2002: Research project gets support from CTI

By decision of the Swiss Confederation, iwood's interdisciplinary research project was funded over CHF 500'000 from the CTI (Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation) programme. The research project is designed to confirm the commercial feasibility and the properties of the product on an industrial scale, as well as to provide scientific support in the construction of the pilot plant and the planning of the first industrial plant. The money is due to pay the research partners of iwood.

Baar 29 Juli 2002: iwood granted „Coaching Acceptance“ of the CTI start-up programme

iwood reaches the first level of the Federal CTI start-up programme which provides young companies with professional advisers and support by experts of the Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation in the future.

Baar 19 June 2002: Prize ceremony of the W.A. de Vigier Foundation

innovation wood (iwood) on 19 June received the W.A. de Vigier Foundation prize. See also

Solothurn 19 June 2002: At this years prize ceremony of the W.A. de Vigier Foundation under the conduction of Crossair founder Moritz Suter, chairman of the foundation, three start-up entrepreneurs (among theme Christoph Affentranger, founder of iwood) were awarded for their excellent projects in the fields of quantum mechanics, biotechnology and electronics. The prize was CHF 100,000 each.

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Zug 19 June 2002: First iwood summer night party

Otto Hofstetter and Christoph Affentranger, co-founders of iwood, welcome over 60 friends and supporters of iwood at iwood’s first summer night party at the Galvanik in Zug. Celebrating the W.A. de Vigier prize, beer, wine and barbecue and the opportunity to test the first prototypes of iwood products made a pleasant evening.

Baar 15 June 2002: New address

innovation wood (iwood) - Bahnhofstrasse 9, CH-6340 Baar, Switzerland
phone ++41 (0)41 760 9080
fax ++41 (0)41 760 9081

Zug 1 Januar 2002: iwood becomes operational

Christoph Affentranger starts working as the CEO of iwood. The further development of the business plan at first prevailed over his other tasks.

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